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Your country needs you: Write a media release

By Nicola Field, Associate Director, Corpwrite

I freely admit I’m a news junkie. I spend a lot of time (too much really) sifting through online news. But you don’t have to slavishly follow the newsfeed to know that COVID-19 has dominated headlines for much of 2020.

Yes, it’s critical for everyone to stay up to date with the latest on the Coronavirus. But right now, I suspect plenty of Australians are keen to hear other news stories.

As evidence of this, on 1 May the top ten topics trending on Google included the re-launch of a popular lip gloss, the re-opening of pubs in the Northern Territory, and the fast-tracked return of that iconic confection, the Polly Waffle.

It goes to show that even in the midst of a pandemic, people are still hungry for variety in the media.

This is where you come in. If your business has a story to tell, why not tell it through a media release? You don’t have to be an ASX 200-listed company to merit media attention. In fact, it often amazes me just how many news articles are pretty obviously drawn from a press release.

If you think about it, it makes sense.  News outlets need a continual flow of content. And they need it to be low cost. The days when teams of Clark Kent-style reporters chased the latest scoop are behind us.

The challenge is that plenty of other businesses are also vying for media attention. So your media release needs to stand out. That means having something newsworthy to say. Continue reading “Your country needs you: Write a media release”

In hibernation, communication keeps you connected to customers

By Nicola Field, Associate Director, Corpwrite

In hibernation, communication keeps you connected to customers

The best decision I’ve made so far in 2020 was taking my 13-year-old son to London. It was a blast – but amid all the history and hustle of London, it was the squirrels that enchanted Nicholas.

A particular point of interest was the way squirrels hibernate during the UK’s cold winter. Frankly, I suspected the Hyde Park squirrels long ago ditched any notion of hibernation, preferring instead to live off the rich pickings of London’s year-round tourist trade. Nonetheless, I explained that squirrels stock up on nuts in summer to survive the leaner months.

When Nick asked how they know to prepare for hibernation, I was flummoxed. Maybe squirrels hand the message down across generations. Maybe it’s instinctive. Whatever the case, they do it, and it works.

So, I was intrigued when just weeks later, Prime Minister Scott Morrison suggested that Australian businesses should go into hibernation as part of the COVID-19 lockdown.

It was a euphemistic way of saying “shut down until this is all passes by”. The trouble is, hibernation isn’t on the agenda of any business. It’s doubtful that even the best-laid continuity plans anticipate a near-total closure of activities for months on end.

The bottom line is that unlike squirrels, businesses don’t have a proverbial stash of nuts to get through the Coronavirus winter. Continue reading “In hibernation, communication keeps you connected to customers”

Mastering social media

By Anthony O’Brien for Leadership Matters,  February 2020

In digital marketing much has been said about the importance of data to drive decision-making. Much less is said about gut feel.

Yet it was instinct – not analytics – that led advertising guru Wendy Thompson to strike out on her own and establish a social media agency a decade ago.

She was proven correct in the most dramatic way possible. Today, 3.2 billion people are using social media worldwide. And Thompson’s Auckland-based social media business, named Socialites, has gone from strength to strength. The agency works with clients across the globe including New Zealand, Australia, North America, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Singapore. Thompson explains, “There are 13 official employees and a network of approximately 30 contractors whom we work with day to day.”

Last year, the Auckland-based firm was named Australasian Social Media Agency of the Year. Thompson was also a finalist in Next Woman of The Year.

Continue reading “Mastering social media”

PR and content marketing work best in tandem

By Anthony O’Brien for Professional Planner, 29 May 2018

Content marketing and public relations are similar beasts and don’t let the marketing cognoscenti tell you any different.

There are those who continue to believe PR is headed the way of the dodo, with the emergence of social media. It hasn’t – and it won’t. What has probably changed is the way savvy companies use PR in tandem with social media to reach more eyeballs.
Why combine PR with content marketing?

Quality PR and content marketing share common ground. Both try to generate content by tracking the latest developments and trends across the industries wherein they operate.

Continue reading “PR and content marketing work best in tandem”

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