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January 2016

Marketing strategies for your business

Money magazine Original article 

There’s a saying in business that you can’t promote a secret. In other words, even with the best products and services, you still need to make people aware of your company’s existence and how it can make their lives easier.

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Keep your small business connected

Money magazine Original article 

Whether you’re launching an advertising agency, a real estate office or a lawn-mowing service, you’ll need to stay in contact with your customers – possibly around the clock – and there are myriad tablets and mobile phones to help you. The good news is that the recent budget has expanded the FBT (fringe benefits tax) exemption for work‑related portable electronic devices and increased the threshold for immediate tax deductions to $20,000.

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Building the right image for your business

Money magazine June 1, 2015 Original article 

If you’re launching a business, building the right image is critical to long-term market share, customer loyalty and profitability. But before you can build your brand identity, you need to settle on a trading and domain name, a logo and possibly a striking slogan that clearly communicates your products and services.

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Business owners need to connect

Original article Anthony O’Brien

As a business owner, it’s fair to say that the internet and phone are the lifeblood of my operation, especially in these days of email, digital marketing and search engine optimisation.

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Owning your own small business

Original article 

Calling the shots, prospects of more money, career flexibility or the opportunity to bring a clever product to market are just a few reasons for launching a small business. Or perhaps you’ve taken a redundancy and feel the time is right to join the 2 million Australians who are having a crack on their own.

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Setting up space for a small business

 Published  Original article by Anthony O’Brien

Selecting suitable accommodation is an important decision when starting out in small business. To save cash, you may want to operate from home. However, working from a kitchen table, spare bedroom or garage may not be appropriate for all businesses.

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